Pu’erh tea, also spelled as pu-erh or puer, is a type of fermented tea produced primarily in the Yunnan province of China. It is named after the city of Pu’erh, which was historically a trading hub for tea from surrounding regions.

Pu’erh tea undergoes a unique fermentation process that distinguishes it from other teas. The leaves, harvested from ancient tea trees, are carefully oxidized and aged over time, resulting in a complex and earthy flavor profile. This tea is known for its distinct earthy flavor and aroma, which develops during the fermentation process.

Pu’erh is cherished by tea enthusiasts for its unique taste profile, as well as its potential health benefits, which include aiding digestion, promoting weight loss, and providing antioxidants. Teapioca Lounge’s Pu’erh tea is from 2019, so it still retains its higher caffeine content, similar to oolong or black teas.

Recommended brewing instructions: 1 tsp | 200°F water | 3-5 min steep time

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