Coconut Green Tea

Coconut green tea is a type of flavored green tea that combines sencha green tea leaves with pieces of dried coconut and pineapple to add a tropical and creamy coconut flavor to the tea. The result is a tea that retains the characteristic grassy and vegetal notes of green tea while also offering a subtle and aromatic coconut flavor.

Coconut green tea is often enjoyed hot or cold and can be served plain or with a touch of sweetener to enhance the coconut flavor. It provides a refreshing and tropical twist to traditional green tea, appealing to those who enjoy the combination of green tea’s health benefits with the exotic taste of coconut and pineapple. Additionally, like other green teas, coconut green tea may offer potential health benefits due to its antioxidant content and nutrient profile.

Recommended brewing instructions: 1 tsp dried tea leaves | 175°F water | 2-4 min steep time

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