March 2024 - Teapioca Lounge March 2024 Customer Newsletter 0304

Sip Into Spring

with Teapioca Lounge!

Winter was fun, but oh how we've missed the sun! Enjoy warmer weather and a sip of spring with Teapioca Lounge. Check out our featured drinks, at your local Teapioca today!

Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea

This caffeine-free tea is made from the butterfly pea flower, which is how it gets its striking blue color. When an acidic ingredient (such as lemon juice) is added, the color changes to a bright purple! Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea has a subtle, earthy flavor that can be compared to matcha tea, making it a great alternative for when you want to unwind after a long day but still want the flavor of matcha!

Butterfly Lemonade

We always love a bit of magic and science at Teapioca Lounge. Butterfly Lemonade is our house lemonade topped with Butterfly Pea Herbal Tea, creating a beautiful, contrasting gradient. Shake your drink to mix the two colors and reveal the vibrant purple color! This metamorphosed beverage is a delicious balance of sweet, tart, and a perfect representation of the changing of seasons.


🌟 Teapioca Lounge Castle Hills just got a glo-up! A perfect stop for a treat after shopping, golfing, or go-karting, this location in Lewisville, Texas recently had a nice little facelift and is ready to serve delicious drinks and desserts to the northern DFW area.

​📍6225 N Josey Ln #114

Lewisville, TX 75056