About Us

Welcome to Teapioca Lounge – where we strive to provide our customers with the best tasting drinks and desserts including the popular Taiwanese snow ice desserts as well as a range of different teas including cream tea and fresh fruit tea. Our vision is to produce an ambiance where people belonging to all age groups could enjoy, selecting from a large selection of refreshments and socializing with friends and acquaintances at the same time.

Teapioca Lounge is one of the leading in Austin, TX offering high quality frozen and shaved-ice desserts to beat the heat of the summer season as well as delicious drinks and cocktails to quench the thirst. Our natural desserts are liked by people of all ages especially the younger lot. The atmosphere is friendly and home-like and the menu is top-class and totally incomparable.   

At Teapioca Lounge, our mission is to give our customers the best value for their money and a service they will remember for a long time to come. We have chosen only the best products from a range of different desserts, teas, and smoothies so that our customers won’t regret their choice.

Our dedicated eatery is one-of-its-kind in  Austin, TX offering original frozen delicacies from Taiwan, healthy herbal tea for those who are diet conscious, fresh fruit juices to relish their original taste, and a lounge where you can relax and have fun. Our range of snow ice desserts is simply unmatched with any other type of frozen dessert, be it frozen yogurt, ice cream soda, slush, or faloodeh. Try the original Taiwanese delicacy and you won’t regret your selection!     

We also offer high quality toppings and add-ons to make your desserts and drinks even more special and appetizing. These add-ons along with flavoring agents have been selected after much research on what people actually like and what their preference is. That is why our products are highly liked among children and adults alike.

If you are tired of having the typical Hawaiian style shaved ice desserts or regular teas and drinks, pay us a visit and you won’t be disappointed. Our products are not only affordable; they are quite tasty and appetizing as well. At Teapioca Lounge, you have the liberty to choose your own toppings and add-ons as well as make a selection of the flavor you wish to have. Leave the rest to us so that we can prepare a special and unforgettable feast for you and your loved ones.


“Reward yourself, by indulging your craving for our sinfully tempting taste treats, while socializing in our friendly, relaxing hangout.”