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What makes us different?

Aside from our outstanding customer service and unique menu, our diverse atmosphere evolves with the times. That is, we integrate technology’s finest points with our delicious items.Our customers are not limited. Though some menus can be exclusive to certain demographics, we offer items for all age groups. We also provide an interactive atmosphere by having board games and areas to perform work using sharing tools — smart TV sharing, tables for meetings and Wi-Fi to name a few.
Tea & Tech
Adapting and growing with both the demand of quality drink options and technology is important to us. It’s just one of the things that keeps customers lounging longer, and coming back time after time. We even have branded mobile apps and games, linking back to the Teapioca Lounge website and services, and allowing customers to collect rewards
State Of The Art Digital Menu
Beside the full menu,  our digital menu is state-of-the-art. The dynamic of the digital menu creates unique dining experience to customers.
Customer Service
At Teapioca Lounge, we like to make things the right way AND the customer’s way. We make every drink to order, right then and there. We never have pre-made drinks ready. The ability to customize drinks atevery level has our clients coming back; even more determined to do "Teapioca” bubble teas —their way! They can choose different creams, sweeteners, and mix flavors to their heart’s desires. As baristas we are able to make any drink that is within the realm of our inventory, and dso deliciously and efficiently.
Team Communication
We adapt the latest technology for team communication among employees,  management, stores, and our suppliers/vendors. This way, problems can be solved faster and efficiently.
The Numbers

Royalty Fee 5%
National Marketing Fund 1-2%
Local Marketing Fund $250/mo.
Initial Franchise Fee $20,000 - $25,000
Total Estimated
Initial Investment 
$217,500 - $369,100
Minimum Liquid Capital $65,000
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