What you did not know about White Teas

While people have enjoyed tea for around 5000 years, white teas were introduced around 200 years back. Among the major types of teas, white teas are the ones that were introduced last.

A girl called Lang u from China’s Fuding County is the one who discovered this variety. She is said to have seeking refuge in a cave when she came across a special tree with young buds that were covered by hair with a silvery appearance during spring. At one time, the villagers were being troubled by a disease that was spreading widely. Lan Gu turned to the leaves of the special trees in that she used them to cure them.  Therefore, this young girl is said to be the one who discovered the tree variety of the white teas. White tea was initially produced in 1796 in Fuding County. From there it spread to other counties in Fujian.

According to recent scientific results, white teas have various health benefits. This includes effects on the level of cholesterol, anti-cancer potential, antibacterial properties and helping people lose weight. Many people claim that this tea type has low caffeine levels and therefore they are taking it more. However, the truth is that this type has higher caffeine levels when compared to puerh tea or black tea which is more fermented.

When talking about the health benefits of white teas, it is hard to leave out the fact that it has high anti-oxidant levels. An example of the oxidants is catechin that is also found in apples, red wine, and chocolate. The catechin polyphenols in white tea variety falls under flavenoids, a molecular family.  According lab tests conducted recently, these flavenoids are responsible for inhibiting cancer cells from growing. They also prevent free radicals from being active. The activity of such radicals can lead to one developing cancer. The green and white varieties of teas contain higher catechin levels when compared to puern and black tea which undergo much more fermentation.

The functioning of the arteries can be improved by thinning of the blood. The benefit here is that the tea lowers the blood pressure. The implication here is that it helps lower blood pressure. Since drinking this tea variety is able to keep your blood vessels strong and healthy, you have less chances of being attacked by a sudden stroke.

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