What you need to know about Oolong Teas

When compared to black and green teas, oolong teas are the oldest. The origin of Oolong teas is Fujin Province, China. They started drinking it in the 17th century. In Chinese, it is referred to as ‘dark green tea’.  A plant named Camellia Sinensis is the origin of this tea. This Chinese tea plant is the one that also produces green and black teas. The difference is brought about by the way they are treated during harvesting, and even the way they are aged and treated.

According to many people, oolong teas have many benefits. For example, they have a high level of antioxidants. Every tea type has a good count of antioxidants but the degree of fermentation may lower the count. Since oolong blends are partially fermented, most of the healthy antibiotics are preserved and in the natural state. The polyphenols found in the leaves of the tea plant act as powerful antioxidants. Polyphenols have helped in treating heart diseases and cancer.

Some of those searching for weight loss supplements that are healthy settle for this tea type. The beverage contains caffeine and when mixed with antibiotics one is able to speed up metabolism. It also helps with oxidation of fats. This tea variety differs from other caffeinated beverages in that it is not known to raise people’s heart rate. Therefore, it is a healthy alternative when one has sensitivity for caffeine.

Oolong teas promote supple skin. Those who have suffered from skin conditions like eczema and atopic dermatitis were advised to take the tea. After taking the tea regularly, they experienced a change in the skin that was gradual. Therefore, people with aging skins they are advised to slow it down by taking this tea type regularly.

This tea type has antiviral and antibacterial properties in addition to boosting the immune system and metabolism. It also helps relief allergies, eczema, diabetes and obesity. It also prevents cancer by destroying the free radicals that cause cancer.

The tea helps people remain strong and healthy because it improves the circulation of blood. It also reduces blood pressure because it promotes thinning of blood. With regard to color of oolong teas, it can range from light green to black. It has a wider color range than black and green teas. When compared to other tea varieties, the oolong teas are the most flavorful tea. 

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