All about Herbal Teas

There are many myths, legends and folk tales that are used to tell about the history of herbal teas. However, herbs have been in use for many years, even before the discovery of the traditional western medicine. In the olden days, different kinds of herbal teas are the ones that were used to treat physical ailments and this was before writing documents started being used.

Just as with black teas, herbal teas are very popular and different parts of the plant are used in these teas. They include flowers, leaves, seeds, stems, roots and barks. In order to enjoy the benefits of these teas, one has to consume them regularly.

There are many benefits that people enjoy when they take herbal teas. One of such benefits is the relaxation factor. Herbal teas like chamomile tea are full of relaxation properties. Therefore, when people drink this tea type, they relax and calm down. Therefore, most of the people prefer taking it before bed time. They also help melt away stress.

The teas have antioxidants which are needed by the body because they helped fight the free radicals that are present in the body. By taking this tea type, you reduce the risk of getting diseases like cancer because the free radicals are now eliminated.

Herbal teas boost immune systems and this means that the body is put in a better position to fight off sicknesses. Such teas also have excellent substances like vitamins which help boost the immunity.

The teas have the power of detoxification. The body receives instant cleansing in that it helps get rid of pollutants. However, one must take it regularly for it to be effective. They also help in digestion, eliminate inflammation and also help relieve pain.

Basically, these tea types have no caffeine content. Therefore, they give a mellow and soothing effect. There are many people who take these types of teas just because they want that calming effect. 

In general, the taste and color of herbal teas is determined by the plant from which the herbal tea was derived from. The beverage’s diversity is also attributed to the different parts of plants that are used. However, the taste can be described as appetizing and exquisite. Their wonderful aromas of these teas are accompanied by beautiful colors.


Whether you take herbal teas cold or hot, you enjoy the same benefits. For additional advice and information, you need to visit  

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