Amazing facts about Green Teas

According to a Chinese legend, a man called Shien Non Shei went for a walk one day. This was about 5000 years back. He came across a plant which he happened to taste by accident. This man admired the taste of the plant and therefore, he tried to make tea using it. Upon this tea variety being discovered, Chinese made it part of their diets. They brewed it in water in form of very fresh leaves. That is the way that they used to drink tea before the fermentation versions were introduced. Today, the tea is renowned globally. Many people now recognize it as a great medicinal source of antioxidants.

Green teas have many incredible benefits that you cannot ignore. For example, they have the ability to prolong life. Recent research has revealed that it prevents diseases too.

In Japan, less people are dying from cancer because they consume this tea variety significantly. In areas where green tea is produced, people take 5-6 cups every day and this shows that they have made it their main beverage. The suggestion here is that tannin and catechin which are the main ingredients in this tea variety can lower mortality rates for cancer when consumed in sufficient amounts.

Green teas restrict blood cholesterol. Catechin which is the main ingredient in this tea prevents cholesterol from building up excessively. It also controls blood pressure from being high. High blood pressure makes the vascular system to be burdened leading to cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart diseases. Prevent such conditions by lowering blood pressure.

Diabetes patients have managed to reduce their blood glucose levels by taking these teas. This tea type is able to lower blood sugar. Carbohydrates and sugars in the food are mainly digested in the duodenum. It is then converted to glucose before getting into the blood stream.

The tea contains caffeine and by taking it in proper quantities, it stimulates every organ of the body in addition to clearing the mind. The caffeine found in normal servings is able to ensure smooth muscle contraction and stimulates the skeletal muscles too.

Green teas are known to deter food poisoning because it is capable of killing bacteria. People have even treated diarrhea by consuming strong green tea.  The tea is also useful in sterilizing instruments from bacteria that causes food poisoning.

Green teas have a light green color and a delicate taste.

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